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Successful Engagements are our primary focus. Success can only be achieved by delivering a High Quality of Service. We define Success as delivering the Valuable Outcomes that have been promised. A High Quality of Service will not only deliver those Outcomes but will prepare your organization throughout the engagement to transform with confidence.



Description: This course will guide the participant through an end-to-end SaaS implementation project. It will provide the necessary insight into the activities being completed by not only the Consultant, but the Client as well. It is designed for new Professional Services Consultants or those that are new to SaaS implementations for the purpose of understanding how the activities in each phase impact the successful outcome of a project.

Training Topics:

  • Waterfall vs Agile in a SaaS Implementation
  • Preparing for Kickoff
  • Outcomes of Requirements Gathering
  • Questioning Techniques for Requirements Gathering
  • Using Design to Identify Misalignments
  • Building Test Cases
  • Configuration: Put First Things First
  • Data Migration Process
  • Deployment Activities
  • Adoption Support

Maximum Participants: 10

Length: 4 days (onsite)

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