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Employee Success Insights

Successful Engagements are our primary focus. Success can only be achieved by delivering a High Quality of Service. We define Success as delivering the Valuable Outcomes that have been promised. A High Quality of Service will not only deliver those Outcomes but will prepare your organization throughout the engagement to transform with confidence.


1.1 Hire a Worker

1.2 Hire a Contractor

1.3 Rehire a Worker

1.4 Verify I9

1.5 Worker Name Change

1.6 Worker has a Child

1.7 Update Marital Status

1.8 Worker Goes on Leave

1.9 Worker Returns from Leave

1.10 Transfer Request

1.11 Promotion Request

1.12 Manager Requires Delegate

1.13 Ad Hoc Compensation Change

1.14 Periodic Compensation Change

1.15 Termination


2.1 Assign Absence Plan

2.2 Request an Absence

2.3 Adjust Absence Balance

2.4 Change Absence Request

2.5 Deactivate Absence Entitlement

2.6 Timesheet Submission


3.1 Life/ Other Event

3.2 Terminate Benefit(s) Coverage

3.3 Plan Rate Changes


4.1 Creating Job Requisition

4.2 Candidate Selection

4.3 Deactivating Job Requisition


5.1 Launch Performance Cycle

5.2 Performance Review Cycle

5.3 Create Goals

5.4 Agile Feedback


6.1 Payroll Connect

6.2 eBN Integration

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