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Successful Engagements are our primary focus. Success can only be achieved by delivering a High Quality of Service. We define Success as delivering the Valuable Outcomes that have been promised. A High Quality of Service will not only deliver those Outcomes but will prepare your organization throughout the engagement to transform with confidence.


We are HR and Professional Services solution experts. Our vendors of choice are both built natively on the Salesforce platform, which is the premier business platform for global, tech-enabled organizations who value solutions catered to their specific needs. 

ESi is a proud partner of Sage People, and Krow Software and are ready to work with your HR and Services organizations to implement these solutions.

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HCM & Applicant Tracking Solution Partner

Sage People (formerly Fairsail) is an end-to-end, cloud HR and People system for mid-size multinationals enabling customers to become people companies and transform how they recruit, manage and engage their people. Implemented quickly and easy to use, Sage People increases workforce visibility, improves HR productivity and delivers great experiences across the entire workforce.


Professional Services Automation Partner

Krow Software delivers an intuitive and modern solution for professional services automation built 100% native on the leading cloud platform from Salesforce, delivering the easiest way to manage services with one unified platform.

Krow helps companies transform service delivery and client success with our next-generation Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, providing a single application to manage the performance & profitability of every project, delivering visibility across the entire business.


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